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Newsletter topics dated Juli 2012

  • Requirements for Modern Bicycle Testing Technology
  • Measuring with Different Scales - Four Theses Concerning Materials and Test Standards
  • Cycle Numbers for Fatigue Testing

Newsletter topics dated March-29-2011

  • New EPAC pedelec tests
  • EN-standard impact tests for trame/fork units
  • DVM workshop on E-bikes at LBF Darmstadt
  • Current frame test statistics
  • New test order forms
  • Job opportunity: Management Assistant 

Newsletter topics dated March-08-2010

  • EFBe has a new address
  • TRI TEST now for all parts
  • Full EN testing now available
  • Second DVM workshop in Berlin
  • Current frame test statistics
  • VAT-free test service for non-EU customers 

Newsletter topics dated June-03-2009

  • TRI TEST now also for forks
  • New: Track rigidity tests for frame sets
  • Rear frame fatigue testing project
  • Prototypes in the lab
  • Recommendations for EPACS (Pedelecs)
  • Current frame test statistics

Newsletter topics dated November-28-2008

  • TRI TEST successfully introduced
  • Overload - impact or defined forces?
  • Multi-stage testing of carbon handlebars in BIKE 11/2008
  • Permissible rider weight?
  • DVM Workshop 2008-11-12

Newsletter topics dated Januar-11-2008

  • New maximum and overload frame tests
  • New test trailed on 22 frames
  • EFBe offers new services
  • New rules for carbon frame certificates
  • Up-to-date statistics for frame tests

Newsletter topics dated November-11-2007

  • Overload fracture behaviour of carbon
  • New maximal load and overload frame tests
  • Fatigue test comparison
  • EFBe certificates now renewable
  • E-mail replaces fax

Newsletter topics dated April-23-2007

  • DIN 79100 superseded
  • EFBe or EN standard?
  • Comprehensive EN fatigue programme at EFBe
  • Carbon seatposts tested
  • New: Static seatpost testing
  • Shortened test times
  • Faster test stands
  • EN racing bike testing

Newsletter topics dated October-25-2006

  • Frame rigidity – a road test
  • Newton metres per degree?
  • Comparability of rigidity values
  • Warning: saddle pillar testing to new EN 14781 standard fraught
  • EFBe test conditions for saddle pillars
  • Stem fatigue testing without handlebars
  • Frame weights

Newsletter topics dated February-16-2006

  • New European bike standards come into effect
  • New website www.efbe.de now online
  • First FULL TEST results
  • Evaluation of frame rigidity
  • Shorter processing times
  • Internet publication and certificate
  • Alterations to the EFBe performance levels

Newsletter topics dated August-26-2005

  • New regulations for certificates, testing seals and Internet entries.
  • New rigidity tests for frames
  • Improved torsional rigidity test method
  • Improved out-of-saddle rigidity test method

Newsletter topics dated March-30-2005

  • New frame fatigue tests with head tube loading
  • EFBe Full Frame Test
  • Internet Databank, Certificates and Quality Level Logos
  • City and Touring Frames
  • Separate test reports
  • European standardisation
  • Seatpost test in TOUR March 2005

Newsletter topics dated June-04-2004

  • Test service: shorter testing times
  • Consulting
  • European standards
  • Service loads on racing bike seat posts
  • Follow-up on the suspension fork test in BIKE 4/04

Newsletter topics dated December-05-2003

  • Enhanced Fatigue testing
    • Fatigue testing of suspension forks
    • Fatigue testing of drop bars
    • Fatigue testing of seat posts
    • Fatigue testing of crank assemblies
    • Overview of EFBe fatigue tests
  • New order forms
  • New: photos with test report
  • New EFBe test stands
  • EN drafts published