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Test service - we ensure Bicycle quality

The following safety-related components are tested as standard in the EFBe lab:

The requestor simply clicks the desired component, downloads the test order, and selects specific single tests or complete test programmes according to

  • EN standard or
  • EFBe standard

The test types are split into four categories:

1. Fatigue test

These tests help measure the risk of fatigue fractures that often only appear after years of use and can lead to sudden failure and potentially serious accidents. The tests measure whether a bike component can withstand recurring loads without showing any signs of damage   . . . more

2. Maximum load test

These tests guarantee that nothing becomes permanently deformed when subject to the maximum permissible stress. The component is subjected to a defined static test load, then the permanent deformation is measured               . . . more

3. Overload test

These tests verify whether a component can withstand short-term excessive stress loads without brittle fracturing. A minimum bearing capacity must remain. This test is important especially for Carbon fibre designs   . . . more

4. Rigidity test

These stiffness tests reveal to what extent a component flexes when subject to stress. The component is subject to defined test loads, then the level of deformation is measured  . . . more

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