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TRI TEST for safety-related components
TRI TEST is the comprehensive safety test programme to EFBe standard consisting of three safety-related test types:

  • fatigue,
  • maximum load and
  • overload.

This programme investigates several load conditions for each component. For the fatigue tests there is an additional choice of three bicycle types and three performance levels. EPAC E-bikes are establishing a new (fourth) performance level for City/trekking bikes.

If a frame fails, we issue valuable, confidential information about weak points, which provide a starting point for improving the design.

A successfully passed TRI TEST, on the other hand, provides the manufacturer with assurance that series defects are unlikely, provided the quality of the tested specimen is maintained in series production.

Frames that have passed the TRI TEST receive an EFBe certificate and a test seal, which demonstrate their quality to buyers. With the requestor’s approval, passed frames can be included in our publicly accessible Test results database.