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About us

More safety for bikes
Since 1995, EFBe Prüftechnik GmbH has been developing new quality and safety standards for bikes, as well as numerous corresponding testing methods. Our team of engineers and physicists is professional and highly experienced in the fields of bike standards, test stand construction, and PC measurement and control technology. Since 1996, EFBe has also been running bike tests on behalf of the bike industry and the media.

EFBe sets standards
Since 1986, EFBe’s managing director, Manfred Otto, has been using top-of-the-range, innovative testing methods to assist in the further development of the bicycle safety standard DIN 79100. Due to EFBe’s extensive research and development work, new testing methods such as the out-of-saddle frame test have now been added to the DIN 79100 process. The internationally applicable ISO 4210 and the new European bicycle safety standards have also benefited from the work of our company. In collaboration with special interest magazines, existing testing methods are adapted and developed to meet today’s ever growing demands.

Bikes are the future
The ecological advantages of bikes are crystal clear. They are not only a fun to ride, but also an excellent way to keep fit, and an unbeatably fast mode of transport in short-distance city traffic. MTB’s and racing bikes are primarily sports and exercise vehicles. We see it as our objective to continue promoting the convenience and appeal of bikes in city traffic and for leisure purposes by constantly developing better quality standards. However, we are not only qualified scientists here at EFBe, but also a team of highly committed bike enthusiasts.

Bike technology – a growing industry
Up until the 1930s, the bicycle was at the forefront of intensive technological development. However, the triumph of the automobile then pushed the man-powered two-wheeler back into the shadows. The growing environmental awareness and rediscovered joy of physical exercise in the last 20 years has helped the bicycle to rise once again, like a phoenix out of the ashes. Investments in new technological developments have opened the doors for many young, technologically open-minded companies and qualified engineers.

More facts less fiction
The technical evaluation of bikes still consists of too many myths and unverified information. This is why for years now, EFBe has been pushing to inform the public about the fundamental aspects of bike (testing) technology. This information is, however, according to the letters we receive, often quite difficult to access. EFBe has therefore published hier in no particular order, some articles on bike testing and bike technology (texts mostly in German). We look forward to hearing your comments, constructive criticism, or suggestions.