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EFBe Prüftechnik – The bicycle test specialists

EFBe is a leading test laboratory for bike component quality and safety. Frames and components with our testing seals are always reliable, even when subject to extreme stress. With more than a decade of experience in testing services and test machine development, EFBe has continuously set and improved international standards.

Our Services

Frame test results – the best frames under mechanical load
Here you can find EFBe’s published results of type tests on brand name products. Revealing the absolute in technological excellence – light and concurrently durable frames. Use our free offer.     

Testing service – we ensure quality
Our laboratory carries out safety and quality tests for manufacturers according to international safety standards. Components that successfully complete EFBe standards can receive a certificate and are entitled to be promoted using the EFBe test seal.  

Products – testing machines for quality assurance and development
EFBe develops and markets modern, mostly computer operated bike testing techniques. These can be used by manufacturers to test following ISO, EN or EFBe Standards. Our test stands are currently being used by leading manufacturers world wide.

Picture of an frame fatigue test

Topics of the newsletter July 2012

  • Requirements for Modern Bicycle Testing Technology
  • Measuring with Different Scales - For Theses Concerning Materials and Test Standards
  • Cycle Numbers for Fatigue Testing